For Parents: School Store


The Bement School Store is run by the Parents Association and is open for business at various times throughout the school year. Times and locations are always posted in the Look Ahead, along with a permission slip required for students to make purchases.

The store tries to offer a variety of fun and functional products at different price points for younger and more mature students. Due to the small nature of our community it is a challenge to offer everything however, suggestion are always welcome! Please let us know at

You can find many items including Bement logo apparel in sweatshirts, pants, hats, coats, vests, sweaters and many fun items like sunglasses, lip balms, sunglass cleaners, phone wallets, pens, pencils, travel mugs and water bottles. We also have beautiful silk scarves with a watercolor of Bement featured and wonderful Bement pendants as necklaces or cuff links! The store also offers vineyard vines mens and boys ties as well as totes.

Please come support the store and your community here at Bement. The proceeds from the school store, as with all pa-sponsored fundraisers, go to the Bement Parents Association School Fund.

We continue to offer the opportunity to purchase items from the Lands' End School Uniforms store, with the option to personalize them with a Bement logo. The Bement School's Preferred School Number is 900025297, and these links will take you directly to our own collection of Bement items—no need to sign in!  Bement will earn 3% of eligible sales.  Polo shirts, fleece vests, tote bags, and many other items in sizes from child to adult!


Proceeds from the Bement School Store, as with all PA-sponsored fundraisers, go to the Bement Parents Association School Fund.

The Official Bement vineyard vines tie is here!