Support Bement: Phoenix Society


Leaving a legacy to a well-regarded school like Bement is a time-honored way of ensuring that the School will be able to continue its important work for future generations. We hope you will join the growing number of Bement parents, alumni, faculty, and friends who have chosen to become members of our Phoenix Society. 

Estate Planning: Creating opportunities for your future and Bement’s future too.


Become a member of our Phoenix Society by naming Bement in your estate plans.  You can always name Bement as a beneficiary in your will.  Some donors choose to assign a specific dollar amount while others leave a percentage of their estate.  Either way, you have an opportunity to make a gift to Bement which you could never make in your lifetime.

Visit to learn more about opportunities to invest in Bement’s future.


To discuss becoming a member of our Phoenix Society please contact: Sara Ardrey, Director, Alumni and Development at (413) 774-3021 or


Have you already named Bement in your estate?

If you have already named Bement in your estate plans and have not notified us, please contact us so we may personally welcome you to the Phoenix Society and honor you with a handcrafted silver Phoenix Society pin, by Lunt Silversmiths.