Clagett McLennan Library


The mission of Bement’s Clagett McLennan Library is two-fold; to promote a love of reading in all students and to teach information literacy skills to promote 21st century learning.  Through a dynamic school library program that promotes reading for pleasure and enhances and supports curriculum, students will become efficient, effective users of information with the skills and solid knowledge base to become lifelong learners and flourish in the 21st century.

Marcia Bernard, Librarian

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Library Hours:  The library is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Bement library is a dynamic learning hub for the entire school. Warm and inviting, flooded with natural light, the library consists of four rooms.  On any given day, these spaces can be found full of students reading, researching, exploring, and creating. During the colder months, children love to gather by the fireplace and get lost in a book. 


Clagett McLennan Library


The library collection consists of 9000+ titles, including print, e-books, and audio books. Students from kindergarten through ninth grade will find a range of books appealing to their interests. Lower school students visit the library each week for a class with the teacher librarian. Sharing stories, learning to access information, and using the library independently to pursue personal interests are important parts of our program.  Upper school students often visit the library as part of a content-area class to work collaboratively or conduct research.


The library houses 15 Apple computers to aid in online research, including access to 30 electronic databases and online encyclopedias.

Computer Lab


Adjacent to the library is the computer lab housing an additional 17 Apple computers and a projector. The lab is used for class instruction, research, word processing, and creative projects such as movie making. Students school-wide are introduced to computational thinking and programming as well as an array of web 2.0 tools. 

Grace Bement Reading Room


A gift to the school from alumnae of the Grace Bement era, this room with riser seating is often filled with children engrossed in a story, attending health class, or listening to a speaker. Equipped with an Apple TV, the room is also used to share media presentations and videos. 

The Haas Media Room Maker Space

Newly reinvented in 2014, the media room has been equipped as a hands-on exploration center. With opportunities to design for the 3-D printer, film in front of the green screen, or build with a vast collection of LEGOs, students of all ages can explore, build, and create in this new space. 

The Clagett McLennan Library is a member of the Massachusetts Library System.

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