Fine Arts: Band

The Bement band program consists of four different groups: fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, and a combined seventh-eighth-ninth grade band. Students receive group instruction on their chosen instrument for the full year and give several all-school performances.

All fourth and fifth graders play in band. Fourth graders choose a brass or woodwind instrument at the beginning of the year and they learn proper assembly and care of their instruments, fingerings/slide positions, and the importance of tonguing, breathing, posture, and listening. We learn not only how to play our instruments individually, but also as a group. We progress from simple unison tunes to section playing. We also learn that band is fun! Fifth graders continue their progress with more advanced music and concepts.

The sixth grade band music reflects diverse styles and has included marches, jazz, pop, and classical.  Students who choose to play in band in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades meet in small mixed-instrument groups throughout the year, with a full-ensemble rehearsal every Friday. They learn a variety of styles that have included big-band jazz, classical, Latin, Broadway, and film music.

Private lessons are available at an extra fee on all band instruments as well as piano, guitar, drumset, and strings.