Featured Programs: Upper School Electives

The electives program in the Bement upper school started in 2010, and allows students to pursue a wide variety of interests that are otherwise not offered in the standard curriculum. A truly community-wide experience, Bement electives are designed and lead by Bement teachers and staff. Students choose from a menu of courses and are assigned to small multi-grade learning groups according to their interests. All electives take place on alternate Fridays in early fall and early spring. Recent electives offerings have included:

• stop-motion video production
• photography
• cooking
• cycling
• jazz band
• model-making
• dance
• crafts
• yoga and meditation

• coding
• diversity and debate
• songwriting
• knitting
• maker space
• improvisation and stand-up

• China meets Cambodia
• production of our upper school literary magazine, Blaze


New electives are always being added, based on the interests of students, faculty, and staff.