Featured Programs: Advisor Program

Bement’s advisory program fosters meaningful, personalized, and enduring connections between our faculty and students. Each student is a member of an advisory group (usually 6-8 students of the same grade-level) and assigned an advisor whose chief responsibility is to oversee the academic and social welfare of each child. A Bement advisor wears many hats including advocate, mentor, and role model. The relationship between advisor and advisee is often characterized by a strong bond grounded in mutual respect.

Time is regularly scheduled into our mornings during the school week for advisors and advisees to meet. This contact and communication allows an advisor to better monitor each advisee’s progress. In addition to serving as an integral part of each student’s school life, the advisor is also a resource for parents. Often, the advisor is a good first point of contact when a parent has specific concerns or questions about a son or daughter’s progress.

On select Fridays in the fall and spring, advisory time is extended to a full ninety minute period to allow for more in depth activities between advisor and advisees. This time is highlighted by meaningful and fun learning opportunities and activities which may include the following:

 advisor-led or whole grade discussions of school issues
 planning school events
 community service trips and projects
 field Trips
 community building experiences and activities